• Cecilie "Q" Maintz Thorsen - Storyteller, Illustrator, Teacher


  • Hi, I'm Q!

    I'm a prize-winning freelance illustrator, cartoonist, and teacher from Denmark.


    I do illustration work for publishers, museums, and more. I teach courses in drawing and storytelling. And I currently write and co-draw the DnD-based webcomic "Wayfinders: Off Course" (see below) under the banner of SnackBag Studios.


    I am currently available for hire.


    Write me at CecilieQMT@gmail.com and let us figure something out.



    My skills:

    Graphic Storytelling

    Comics, graphic novels, picture books, etc.

    Putting text and images together to create stories; adapting existing stories; understanding and creating compelling narratives, etc.


    Book covers, portraits, postcards, logos, explainers, etc.

    Customers include Nationalmuseet and ABC Forlag.


    Courses in Graphic Storytelling from A-Z, World Building, Drawing for Beginners, Layouting for Comics, and more.

    Primary age group: 16+

    I'm available to make custom courses for your class' needs. Let's discuss on CecilieQMT@gmail.com

  • "Prize-winning"? Yeah!

    In June 2022, I and my partner Heidi Holmeå (https://www.heidiholmeaa.com/) won the a prize for "most promising company", at the DCI GO!-event hosted by Danish Creative Industries.


    The judges panel mentioned our sympathetic mission, and fiery passion for our work as cartoonists!

  • Comics

    Three shipwreck-survivors are forced to work together to sail back home... and hopefully save the world in the process.
    Webcomic, currently ongoing (2021)


    A young bard sets out to be an Adventurer - and keeps an art journal meanwhile.
    Published online by The Animation Workshop, 2019.

    Or "The Pessimist's Fairy Tale", written by Dylan Meconis.
    Personal Work, 2018.

    Five pages about the last.

    Published by Fiesta Forlaget, 2018.

    Opening of a longer story idea: three old witches find a baby abandoned outside their apartment. Personal work.

    A comic about letting go.

    Personal work.

  • About Me

    Hello and Welcome!


    I am Cecilie "Q" Maintz Thorsen. 


    I write and draw comics, make illustrations, teach, and do graphic design.


    I graduated June '19 from the Animation Workshop (VIA University College) as a Graphic Storyteller!


    I write and draw the webcomic Wayfinders: Off Course with Heidi Holmeå and Line L. Z. Bechmann under the banner of SnackBag Studios.


    3 things I excel at:

    1. Playing with format and composition to tell stories (see my fictional sketchbook "Mae's Dungeon Diary") - thinking outside the box!
    2. Communicating complex visual strategies in an easy-to-understand way
    3. Making genuine, heartfelt  stories


    I always strive to be inclusive and diverse in my storytelling and be a change for good in the world.


    Please feel free to write me for more details.
    I'll happily draw, write, design, or teach!







    Painter/Decorator, Kongernes Jelling, Nationalmuseet

    Decorating the walls, including handwritten text and handpainted world heritage buildings, for the exhibition "Blåtand i Gult", Kongernes Jelling



    Graphic facilitator, FN17

    Live drawing / note-taking at a meeting about small-medium businesses and the FN Global Goals


    2016 - now

    Educator, Visual Storytelling

    Loads of courses and workshops in classical drawing, comics creation, world building, design, writing, etc.

    Clients: The Animation Workshop (VIA University College), Visual HF, The Drawing Academy, Open Workshop, Svendborg Graphic, Tjele Efterskole, and more.


    2020 - now

    Illustrator, Freelance

    Illustrator w/ Nationalmuseet, ABC-forlag et.al.


    2020 - now

    Webcartoonist, writer/artist

    Writing, drawing, and general management of the webcomic; "Wayfinders: Off Course" (300 000+ views online)

    Including relevant social media management


    2017 - now

    Comic Reviewer

    Writing reviews on new Danish comic publications for Nummer9.dk


    6 / 2019

    Eisner Award Nominée

    Best Humor Publication

    Get Naked, by Steven T. Seagle et al.


    8 / 2018 - 12 / 2018

    Freelance Cartoonist

    Mentee at Helioscope Studios, Portland, OR





    8 / 2015 - 6 / 2019

    Bachelor in Graphic Storytelling

    The Animation Workshop, VIA University College


    8 / 2014 - 12 / 2014

    The Drawing Academy

    Course in classical drawing

    The Animation Workshop


    1 / 2013 - 6 / 2013

    Graphic Design Course

    Krabbesholm Højskole, Skive, DK



    • Graphic Storytelling: understanding and making narratives; combining image and text
    • Comic creation
    • Illustration
    • World building: visual/concept development, character- and environment design
    • Writing: plot, manuscripts, dialogue
    • Teaching: worldbuilding, writing, drawing, comic creation, etc.
    • Graphic design; logo creation, text design, etc.


    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • InDesign
    • CLIP Studio Paint
    • (After Effects)
  • Case: Decorating for Kongernes Jelling, Nationalmuseet

    March 2022, I spent three days in beautiful Jelling, preparing for the upcoming "Blåtand i Gult" exhibition.

    Mockup for the yellow wall

    Tested my designs using a photo of the wall, and Procreate.

    Finished silhouettes

    Intentionally going for the "handwritten" look

  • Find me @CecilieQMT everywhere: